Why Us

In 2005 EL BADR received the CE marketing certificate which supported and increased our customers’ around the world. We are specialized in supplying big projects due to our steady supply and full control of the production. We are capable of supplying projects up to 30 000 /SQM Monthly.

In 2011 EL Badr Marble indirect Gross sales reached 10 Million USD. Our products are distributed around the international markets such as; America, Italy, India, Brazil, Mexico & the Gulf Countries. Due to our success since 1997, the company has decided to start its direct exporting department Our strong belief in the technicality of our business field enabled us to hire a strong, experienced and customer care oriented staff.

Their knowledge of categorizing the entire quarry production into sample catalogues enabled our company to stand out in the level of variation and tonality specification for each product with outmost transparency needed by customers.

Over 17 years experience in the industry. Highest quality marble with quality assurance guarantee. Superior customer service standards. Competitive Prices and flexible payment terms. Professional door to door shipping services.